The Rugby Mindset

Redefining Business Performance
and Competitive Edge

What you will explore and develop...

Develop and maintain a lean and focussed business with an innovative approach to total quality review, process and management.

  • Lead and develop your people:  Using a framework to shape conversations and decisions which have an achievable outcome in your business.  
  • Empower Others:  To contribute within a framework that supports people to deliver measurable and timely results.  
  • Breakdown Silos:  By encouraging transparent and symbiotic relationships across your business that are actively promoted by your employees.  
  • Adapt and Change:  Develop review processes that are relevant to your business and that effectively delivers on your continual improvement business agenda.  
  • Drive Strategic Results:  Improve your business outcomes and processes by engaging your workforce in an operational cadence, review and action.  
  • Reinvigorate Your Workforce:  Shift bystander apathy towards a growth mindset by recognising accountabilities, responsibilities and contributions.  
  • Translate to Profit:  How a RUGBY business approach will help you redefine your business baseline, transform your workforce and translate to profit.

'What I always find remarkable when I read work such as this is just how many management techniques are transferrable between vastly differing industries - I hope you get absorbed into Katrina's ideas, you will see the places where your business needs to take up RUGBY and not just assume it's for all the other companies' - Dr John Knapton