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Who is Katrina Wilson?

With International Front-Line Experience in Project Administration and Complex Quality-Driven Systems, Katrina is passionate about disrupting the status quo - the mindless acceptance that Quality Systems must be complex and counter-productive.

Why Book Katrina

A love of travel, systems and working on both urban and remote projects, Katrina believed in the system until she was unwittingly caught up in what was an almost catastrophic sequence of events - almost losing her job, her newly embarked career and her credibility in the process.  The most terrifying part for Katrina in the entire process was that the system had been followed, all checks and balances made, and she became obsessed with understanding just what went wrong.

Her obsession and her ability to completely geek out on the detail in her system brought her to a stunning conclusion; that our entire approach to Quality Management is wrong.  Founded in the principals of the industrial revolution and growing up in the maturing of manufacturing and process, our traditional approach to Quality Management has become complex, almost impenetrable, and in many cases is actually creating the polar opposite of what it was intended to create.

That instead of optimising organisational performance it is in fact strangling the lifeblood of an organisation - the ability of those on the front line to do their job, to be able to strip complexity back to processes which are smooth, efficient, and aligned to how we naturally think and behave, and to still deliver to operational and strategic imperatives.

Her research has been recognised as the basis for significant PhD work, and Katrina is determined to get senior leadership and C-Suite teams, globally, to change their perspective and understand just how simple it is to fuse Quality Management principals with optimising organisational performance.

The RUGBY Mindset Conference Series

Stepping on Lego


Straight shooting, delivered with practical insights and subtle challenges, Katrina takes her lessons from her career in government, corporate and being a FIFO worker on major projects across regional and remote Australia and throughout Asia into her often humorous Stepping on Lego presentation. 

She will unpack the premise behind the RUGBY Mindset, the hidden costs of current business and project management methodologies, and will destroy acceptance of current best practices which are nothing more than Lego on the floor when it comes to delivering real results and outcomes.

A game-changing philosophy.  The RUGBY Mindset will shift the way you approach business, projects and life immediately.

The Inverse Lottery


The greatest threat to organisational and project success is Bystander Apathy - a challenge Katrina takes head on in 

The Inverse Lottery.

Delivered with a no-nonsense attitude, subtle challenge and moments of humour, Katrina introduces her audience to recognition and introspection of the

behaviours in our workplaces that we simply accept - which leave the entire organisational eco-system (employees, employers and business itself) vulnerable.  It goes straight to the heart of our natural, human inclination to not be unnecessarily involved - when we know we should be.  

Through identifying how and when to engage in conversational opportunities that respectfully challenge current business behaviours and the accepted status quo, The Inverse Lottery provides a roadmap to shift from Good Luck to 

Great Management.

The RUGBY Mindset


Systems, frameworks, philosophies and even standards can be developed and even implemented rapidly.  But without commitment to doing great work, the greatest systems in the world at best simply collect dust, at worst, are met with resistance and system-driven fatigue.

RUGBY is more than a system; it fuses system with philosophy with mindset to drive true competitive advantage.  In unlocking the core elements of RUGBY Mindset through this signature presentation, Katrina talks key business stakeholders through just how to lead and develop their people, empower others, breakdown silos, drive strategic results, reinvigorate the workforce and drive profit improvements.

Audiences will walk away with the keys to creating the simplicity that drives cohesion, surety and exponential improvement, no matter the environment.

Sneak Peak: 'Stepping on Lego' Keynote

Introducing a competitive edge in your business #MindtheLego