The Rugby Mindset

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Our Outrageous RUGBY Ambition


The RUGBY team have set an outrageous yet modest ambition towards contributing to something bigger than ourselves - we call this the 1% of something.     

Our ambition is modest because we are looking to connect with 1% of Australia’s workforce and work with 1% of the businesses in Australia.       

Our ambition becomes outrageous when we capture the numbers: 

  • Australia’s workforce ≈ 11,905,000 – one percent of which equals 119,050.
  • Number of businesses in Australia ≈ 2,171,544 – one percent of which equals 21,715.     

Outrageous we know!  But a vision starts with an outrageous end in mind…           

Our team places strong focus on and lives the values of Vision with Integrity.             

Along the way, we hope to meet characters who are working towards their own one percent ambitions.  The people who are making a difference in the world.  People like Dr Rolf Gomes from Heart of Australia, someone who is influencing the way healthcare is being delivered across Australia .           

Katrina, through her authorship and further with the RUGBY Mindset & Quality Review model, wants the ambition and success of Heart of Australia to touch and make a difference in many more lives.