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Specialist Contributors

Dr John Knapton

John Knapton was Professor of Structural Engineering at University of Newcastle from 1991 to 2001, and has written a number of textbooks on the subject of concrete construction.       

He has also worked as a consultant and expert witness in matters relating to concrete. These include a report for Lloyds’ insurers on whether the design of the World Trade Center towers had contributed to their collapse on 9/11.      

John is a highly esteemed international expert witness who specialises in concrete and asphalt pavements; structural engineering; aircraft, port and highway pavements; port, highway and aerodrome civil engineering structures; industrial floors, historic bridges; reinforced concrete; durability of concrete; concrete and brick pavers; permeable paving and sustainable drainage; slop stability and site investigations.

Dr Rolf Gomes

Heart of Australia is the brainchild of Brisbane cardiologist Dr Rolf Gomes, a father of three and the principal of Medihearts – his established private cardiology practice in Brisbane.       

Rolf has committed his Medihearts practice to support the realisation of his vision for Heart of Australia – to revolutionise the delivery of first-class specialty services to rural and remote communities.

Mr Paul Blackburn

Paul Blackburn is a rescue, security and training specialist with a passion for contract management, industrial safety, emergency response and rescue, disaster management and security.      

His operational experience captures across the Australian military and police force services as well as a fire fighter and mine site emergency response.      

Paul’s passions support his ability to provide practical and efficient training solutions for his clients to ensure that everyone is better positioned to return home safely at the end of a work day or shift.

Ms Delena Brophy Farmer

Delena Brophy Farmer is a seasoned professional in the property, franchising, retail, manufacturing, management systems and standards.      

Having worked for BSI Group (British Standards Institution), Delena is passionate about quality management and its importance for delivering sustainable and robust products, services and business longevity. She is extremely passionate about ISO Standards and their implementation into businesses, both large and small, where it is seen as a burden rather than an integral business function.      

Delena also has over 20 years in the franchise sector working with both franchisors and franchisees in areas such as business development, recruitment, franchise resales, franchise renewals and business improvement. Delena assists small businesses in the development of targeted strategies to help them identify current and future opportunities using a variety of assessment and marketing streams.      

Her experience brings together tools such as process improvement, territory mapping, demographic studies, franchise recruitment selection tools, standards writing and benchmarking to provide insight into planning and implementation of future potential growth strategies with science and data rather than gut feel.      

Developing tools, processes and strategies to ensure that small businesses, franchisors and franchisees financial pathway is robust and will deliver measured outcomes consistently. With realistic tools and her clear communication style Delena ensure that all stakeholders understand the opportunities that exist for them.