The Rugby Mindset

Redefining Business Performance
and Competitive Edge

Praise for the Author


I have known Katrina since our time working together on a far north western Queensland mining project, which required both FIFO and Head Office coordination.      

Katrina demonstrated her highly organised strategic logistical and onboarding/offboarding skills to ensure not only the effective management of the project but to safeguard the mental health of the team’s greatest asset… our staff.       

Katrina’s commitment to the team and project coordination skills resulted in her undertaking a FIFO role to further ensure the smooth and effective management of the project.   

Nicole Shillington    

Senior Contracts Manager, Abu Dhabi Airport

Katrina Wilson is both a childhood friend and former employee of mine. I brought her into HRI to ‘herd the cats’ (the site-based project engineering team) on our Drilling Rig Construction Projects in Ulsan, South Korea.       

Katrina demonstrated her great organisational, diplomatic and adaptive skills to integrate into an established project team and implement an administrative battle rhythm that ensured everyone was paid and logistically supported in South Korea.  

Justin Nally   

General Manager, Horizon Resources International

I have had the privilege of working with Katrina Wilson in helping to promote research across the university where we work.      

Katrina has built on her highly developed intelligence and intuition to design and implement support systems that work effectively from a whole-of-organisation perspective.       She asks regularly, “How does this work?” and “Why are we doing this?” Addressing these questions has enhanced the efficiency of our operations and has maximised the productivity of our colleagues.       

The expertise, commitment and business as usual approach I have seen Katrina demonstrate lead me to be assured that the principles of her RUGBY Mindset and Quality Review system, successfully deployed, will enhance any business.   

Professor Patrick Danaher   


Drawing on her extensive expertise as a project manager and administrator, Katrina has produced a highly readable and insightful book, enriched by thought-provoking and relatable anecdotes.      

In sharing the RUGBY framework which she has developed, Katrina delivers a practical and highly valuable business tool.   

Melissa McKain   

DipT, BBus, GradDipAppSci

When I first delved into this work, I thought it did not have any relevance to my one-man business but the deeper I dug, the more relevant I found it. If there is only one of you, you had better make sure you make the most of everything you have ever produced.     

I am sure my business would move forward in leaps and bounds if I were to adopt a hierarchical cadence of reviewing and improving all aspects of the business rather than proving to myself daily what a hero I am by sitting at my desk until I fall asleep. Or, realising that I have not retained a single word from the last five contractual documents I have been reading. Worse, losing consciousness whilst typing and waking to find 200 pages comprising entirely the letter v.     

Katrina’s work reminded me of my collection of 1959 Agfa Super Silette Automatic cameras. To the uninitiated, they are identical, but I know them as individuals – the one with the stiff focusing ring, another with a faulty rangefinder and one with a broken spring on the film transport mechanism. Yet it is precisely these imperfections, which make my collection interesting and valuable (just to me).      

It is the same with businesses. They are nearly all running on a broken wheel because they are run by human beings. And they are the best ones. Some are run by computers and they really are in trouble. So, I hope that as you get absorbed into Katrina’s ideas, you will see the places where your business needs to take up RUGBY and not just assume it’s for all the other companies.  

Dr John Knapton